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Karen Martin

Owner of Klutter Kutters of Santa Barbara

(415) 602 - 0949 | (805) 669 - 6303

I found my calling unknowingly when in 2003 I moved my mother into an assisted living apartment from a huge 3 bedroom house. I worked with my mom, who had Alzheimer's, to determine her most prized furniture and art pieces would welcome her into her new home.


Later in 2012, my husband and I moved our family of 4  from a 3000 sq foot home in the Bay Area to the first of 4 small homes here in Santa Barbara.


This is when I realized that I really enjoy organizing and downsizing. I love the freedom it gave me when I realized we don’t need nearly half of the stuff in our house.


I now live in a 1000 sq ft home with my husband, 2 kids, a golden retriever and 2 cats. Everything has its place and there is nothing extra. It feels open and organized.  We have just what we need and it makes us happy.


When I am not working at Klutter Kutters, I spend as much  time with my husband, beautiful twin daughters and my golden retriever as possible. My golden, Stinson, has recently embarked on a therapy dog career, visiting memory care communities in Santa Barbara.

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