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COVID-19 Pandemic Procedures and Protocols

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

⭐️ UPDATE: Klutter Kutters has earned the certificate COVID-19 Certificate in Prevention and Safety Excellence by the National Association of Senior Move Managers, a.k.a. NASMM.

During this time of COVID-19 Quarantine, Many of our customers are asking what our procedure is for keeping us all safe. We have been keenly aware of the seriousness of this issue and have followed the advice from the experts at The CDC. We have come up with this protocol.

Moving is an essential service and we want to help everyone we can now and always.

For Client consultations:  We wear masks, gloves and shoe covers and for their protection. We are asking the Client to wear a mask, as well.  We touch nothing in the home. 

For moves to Senior Communities: We follow the Community’s guidelines and protocols. When we enter the Community, we have our temperature taken and answer any required questions. Only our lead meets with the Client a half hour before the rest of the team arrives and gets last minute instructions, addresses concerns etc.  I have already met with the Client during the consultation and discussed the move with him/her on the phone.  The Client then leaves the home while we work. 

For Moves to another home: We enter the home with masks, gloves and shoe covers and perform the pack.  We ask our movers to wear masks and follow protocol.  And then, the Client is ideally not present for the unpack in the new space, either.  We then unpack and settle to the best of our ability. 

We always disinfect, wipe down door handles, counters, etc. before the Client returns. We follow up with the Client to see how everything has gone and if there are issues, we can schedule a return to make any adjustments needed.  The Client will meet with lead only to resolve issues. Trying to limit interaction to one on one.

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